Ethics іѕ a word thаt – like professional – іѕ used a great deal bоth hеrе іn thе region, іn оur profession аnd асrоѕѕ mаnу оthеrѕ, but whаt іѕ it? Whаt does thаt mеаn іn practice? Ethics аrе a code оf conduct fоr аn individual, associations, corporations аnd governing bodiesContinue Reading

Journalism ethics sites This section contains links to major sites dedicated to media ethics and high-quality journalism, such as the Poynter Institute and the Project for Excellence in Journalism. It also has direct links to a number of major journalistic codes of ethics. Poynter The Poynter Institute Online – “EverythingContinue Reading

In a global age, there is no master plan for advancing media freedom, writes Ward. There are only the precarious, pragmatic efforts of journalists to push the boundaries of societies that have been wary of the Western idea of press freedom. Ward explores the tensions between new and old practicesContinue Reading

Accuracy — to get the facts and context of a story right — is a fundamental norm of ethical journalism. Inaccurate reporting undermines important news stories and can mislead the public. Though accuracy is not the sole ingredient for truthful reporting, it is nevertheless indispensable. Accurate reporting has never beenContinue Reading